UI/UX Design Projects

What is a Successful UX Design Process? You know it's a success when your customers love to plan events using the company mobile planner app. Customer Technical Support calls are reduced due to the easy Help application navigation solution design. Sales are up because the new shopping cart app design makes it easy to find and more importantly, easy for customers to convert to product sales.


UX Design Success = People’s lives improved via your website or application or learning experience.

Ryan Rumsey UX Design

Design - Wireframing & Prototyping

Adobe XD wireframes (client portfolio examples above) and prototypes facilitate client objective measurement in terms of design feedback. Confirm your designs are usable and meet stakeholder objectives. Does the UX design meet Operations perspective, Customer perspective, Financial perspective and the Learning and Growth perspective? Functionality and usability are the initial focus of the wireframe versus actual text and final colors or images.

Iterative UR UX VD Process

UI/UX Testing

Paper sketches, whiteboard flows, customer survey results and customer journey maps are turned into wireframes and prototypes for testing. It is iterative as the design team builds intial mockups to share with stakeholders for more input. Brainstorm sessions are held for usefulness, usability and technical feedback.The Interface Design leads to Interactive Design.

UX Implementation Dev

Design Implementation

Layout finalizations, interface flow, final graphics and turning the mockups and wireframes into guidelines of design, colors, theme and typography are part of this stage. Since UI/UX design is iterative with the technical team involved early in the process, implementation development is already underway. The development team can start with back end functionality first and upon receipt of User Interface artifacts connect the front end UI. Iterative implementation can help to flag technical issues early on as well. This is a successful agile work process delivered on time.

Photo credit: Prateek Katyal